Welcome to historic Trinity Anglican Church in the Parish of Sussex.  Whether you are here to join us in celebration of worship or to view the beautiful architecture of this building, we bring greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

The Parish of Sussex has a long and rich history.  Having been founded by Loyalists in 1783, the spiritual needs of the residents of Sussex Vale were met by the Rev. James Scovil, Rector of Kingston.

It was soon realized that a resident pastor was needed, and Oliver Arnold was recommended as a candidate for ordination to the Bishop, and was ordained in Saint John in 1792.

The original Trinity Church building stood where St. Mark’s Church, Sussex Corner, now stands.  Construction of that building began in 1796 under the direction of the Rev. Oliver Arnold, and the building was completed in 1805.

The Parish of  Sussex then included the parishes of Rothesay, Hampton, Upham, Hammond, Waterford, Cardwell, Havelock, Studholm, and Norton.

The orgional Trinity Church seated over 400 people.  Bishop John Medley condemned Trinity Church, and it was decided to build a new church closer to the railroad beside the newly constructed rectory.

Construction of this Gothic Revival church began in 1873 and the present Trinity Church was consecrated on February 24, 1874.  The last service held in the old church was on March 22nd at 7:00 a.m., and the new church was completed in 1876.

We thank God for the ministry that has taken place in this Parish over the past 223 years, and for the many people who give so much of their time to aid in the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth.




This is Medley Memorial Hall, which was located where the Bank of Nova Scotia now stands.