The Bishop’s Pilgrimage (Part 2)

All are welcome to join the pilgrimage, services, and meals.

Thursday, October 17 – Highfield to Apohaqui

8:30 AM: Morning Prayer at St. John’s Highfield  followed by tea and a  light refreshment

Friday, October 18 – Apohaqui to Jeffries Corner to Sussex

6:00 PM: Potluck Supper at Trinity.

7:00 PM: Evening Prayer

Saturday, October 19 – Sussex Corner and Waterford

8:00 AM: Morning Prayer at Trinity Sussex

Sunday, October 20 – Sussex Corner and Sussex

8AM: Service at St. Mark’s, Sussex Corner. Parish of Sussex joining St. Mark’s

11:00 AM: Service at Trinity, Sussex, with the Parishes of St. Mark’s and Waterford joining, followed by potluck meal.